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Day 1

Today is Day 1 for two things. Me going back to the gym after being out for 3 weeks due to bronchitis; and for the beginning of project 365. For those who don’t know project 365 is a photo blog where someone takes a photo a day for a whole year to see how they have improved. Let’s see how this goes.


Empire State from the Garden State

2am shoot.


Canon Rebel.

My recent purchase is this used Canon Rebel. Figured it be my entry to DSLR. Although I am coming from a Canon G10 which was a Beast of point and shoot.

Project 6 Photography

Decided to walk around NYC at night…

And, two shots from my moms wedding…


Took some pics of the Rav yesterday…Here’s just one that I liked.

Photo location: Elizabeth,NJ

Pilfered Magazine

If your a fan of photography, art, or just fine work; you might just be interested in this magazine.  Pilfered.

“PILFERED is a place where artists, photographers, designers, and the inspired can submit their favorite visuals pilfered from the web to share with one another. Founded on the spirit of web democracy, and built to aid in communicating ideas and concepts, PILFERED Magazine aims to assist in speaking the thousand words – visually.”