I could vibe out to this for days…

Discovered this dude Ebrahim on Youtube a couple years ago.  His remake on Britney Spears song Oops I did it again was just utter dopeness.  Been a fan ever since.  My man is doing big things; and just keeps getting better.  Can’t wait ’till he gets the recognition he deserves.

Shout out to Ebrahim for doing real music. Much love homie.

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Gabe Bondoc

Oh you fancy huh.

My new obsession lately has been sparkling or seltzer water…mind you I used to hate this as a kid lol.

Photo by yours truly. -MarkAnthony-


Ever since I found out about this amazing company TOMS I’ve been dying to get my hands on a pair.  Finally I’ve got my TOMS.  Their mission is to simply provide shoes to those in need in 3rd world countries.  I always wanted the classic slip ons; but I decided to go with the Cordones style in grey.  I must say that I’m extremely impressed with the packaging and extras that come with the shoes.  In the box you get a TOMS flag, sticker, and a bracelet with a copy of a hand written letter from Blake himself.  This is great marketing and branding in the simplest form.

All pictures are taken by yours truly.

For my Hip Hop heads…

Bounce your head and enjoy…

Ohayo <—- Japanese for Good Morning.

Legaci x Justin Bieber

I’ve should have written this post a while ago when I first heard the news; but like the say always better late than never.  I have been watching this group LEGACI on youtube for years now.  I’ve always been a fan.  Their harmonies are just amazing and covers are awesome.  Now they’re singing back up for Justin Bieber and are on tour with him as I type.  They are even opening shows like shown in this video clip.  I almost feel like a proud parent when I see this video cause I have seen this group go through changes.  Do your self a favor and go watch all their videos on Youtube from the early days. Go follow them on twitter too —> @legacimusic follow me while your at it —> @GenuinelyDope