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I could vibe out to this for days…

Discovered this dude Ebrahim on Youtube a couple years ago.  His remake on Britney Spears song Oops I did it again was just utter dopeness.  Been a fan ever since.  My man is doing big things; and just keeps getting better.  Can’t wait ’till he gets the recognition he deserves.

Shout out to Ebrahim for doing real music. Much love homie.

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Peep out Ms. Estevez’s Tumblr

Making me wonder if I should re open my tumblr blog…??? Either way peep out  Ms. Alexandra Estevez Tumblr & follow her on twitter @TheRealAEstevez & me too @ProjectSix


So I haven’t been posting in a while.  Partially because I was in Chicago for a wedding, and decided to take a little break from the blog world.  I’ve got another blog called Project Style; which I’m trying to figure out what i want to focus with on that.  It’s probably going to be more fashion driven, and stepintomyshoes will be just about anything I want.  So stay posted.  Labor Day weekend is coming up, and I’ll be hitting up Fashion Night Out in NYC!!! So stay tuned!

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Twittering….  <<<<thats ME!

I can’t believe someone took my Alias of Project 6.  I think I need to copy right that bitch!