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Dear Michael, Love, Spike Lee

This is a letter that Spike Lee wrote to Michael Jackson after his passing.

October 10, 2009

Dearest Michael,

Last week I made a pilgrimage to your birthplace, Gary, Indiana. I stood inside your family’s modest three-bedroom home on 2300 Jackson Street. I felt the magic. It started there, nine kids plus your parents, jam packed, livin’ on top of each other pursuing The American Dream. For this alone 2300 Jackson should be declared a National Landmark. One has to go back to the beginning to clearly see the entire journey. Gary, Steel town, Midwest, blue collar, hard workin’, hard livin’, great work ethic and simple basic values. It’s there early where you learned ‘you had to sing and dance like your life depended on it’ which it did. You and your family made the dream a reality. But as we all finally learn (sooner or later) dreams have costs and costs have consequences. I truly cherish the short time we worked together, visiting my home in Brooklyn, huggin’ and kissin’ my newborn daughter Satchel, as if she was your own daughter, our fantastic journey to Brazil to shoot the video for ‘THEY DON’T CARE ABOUT US.’ I regret never getting to inform you that our video was directly responsible for the great film CITY OF GOD being conceived and made. Michael, your life touched people the world over you will never know. Michael, I’m one year older than you, we grew up together. I had my Afro just like you. I wanted to be like you. Wanted the cute girls to fawn over me the way they did you (the girls were not going for it. They’d rather make goo-goo eyes at your pictures plastered all over their bedroom.) At that young age I had no notion of what I wanted to do in my life. You made me see the possibilities even though I could not sing or dance a lick despite coming from a musical family. You, Jermaine, Tito, Jackie and Marlon showed us the way. You guys were young Black boys like us. Upon us was a new day, a new world and it’s on us to make the most of it. In closing Michael, you checked out of here way, way too soon but while you walked this earth in your physical form you changed it. You changed the World, changed the Game forever.

May you rest eternally in Peace.


Spike Lee

P.S. Brooklyn luvs ya!

BLAKROC= Genius!

Just watch and learn…

Marge Simpson for PLAYBOY!

Wowzers Marge Simpson will be the new cover girl for Playboy.  Huge for all you Simpson fans out there, but really, Marge Simpson?  Dope in its own right, but couldn’t they have picked someone hotter? like Jessica Rabbit? lol.  Oh well, keep an eye for the limited edition magazine to hit shelves in November.  I”m sure this will be a collectors item.


Limelight A.K.A Avalon no more…


For those that don’t know this church was formerly known as “Limelight;” and as “Avalon” where I spent my 21st birthday.  Popular artist such as Britney Spears and Chris Brown have all performed here also.  Sadly the club has gone through many ups and downs; and now night club owner Jack Menashe will be turning it into a market place called “The Limelight Marketplace.”  Pretty crazy partying it up in a church, but def always good times.  Here’s some pics of what the market place will look like.



Louis Vuitton 5th Ave Window display…The history of the “Speedy”

Love the concept of this display…although I would have liked the conveyer to be more smoother rather than a disneyland ride type of movement.

Ashley Vee modeling the infamous Uncle Sam

Peep out HIN model Ashley Vee modeling the infamous Uncle Sam t-shirt.


Hit me up for a shirt! And be on the look out for more from Project 6!

Model- Ashley Vee @

Photographer- Marvin King of