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Ugh! These are coming out on my birthday…I have to copp. I’m re naming these the Birthday III’s


“like backwards slaves; gladly give up the rights to what we write in exchange for chains”. -Joshua Bennett

This is what the desk top on my computer screen usually looks like.

Wu Tang Legendary Weapons coming end of June. Can’t wait!

I could vibe out to this for days…

Discovered this dude Ebrahim on Youtube a couple years ago.  His remake on Britney Spears song Oops I did it again was just utter dopeness.  Been a fan ever since.  My man is doing big things; and just keeps getting better.  Can’t wait ’till he gets the recognition he deserves.

Shout out to Ebrahim for doing real music. Much love homie.

Follow him on Twitter —-> @eebsofresh  and of course me too —-> @GenuinelyDope


Gabe Bondoc

Oh you fancy huh.

My new obsession lately has been sparkling or seltzer water…mind you I used to hate this as a kid lol.

Photo by yours truly. -MarkAnthony-