Monthly Archives: April 2010

Who remembers this! Such a throwback

Suzanne Vega- Tom’s Dinner! Love this Fckin song. She just performed with the Roots on the Jimmy Fallon show.

and here’s a link to Jeff Staples blog for the Video of her performing with the Roots!



Who the fuck are ya’ll

Drakes much anticipated video is finally up.

Coca Cola light by Karl Lagerfeld

Very sexy bottle of coke.

Where Nike gets their “Air” from…

Clever commercial…Two Dopes Up!

Peep out Ms. Estevez’s Tumblr

Making me wonder if I should re open my tumblr blog…??? Either way peep out  Ms. Alexandra Estevez Tumblr & follow her on twitter @TheRealAEstevez & me too @ProjectSix