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Ashley Vee modeling the infamous Uncle Sam

Peep out HIN model Ashley Vee modeling the infamous Uncle Sam t-shirt.


Hit me up for a shirt! And be on the look out for more from Project 6!

Model- Ashley Vee @

Photographer- Marvin King of


NSW feature @ Inquiringmind

The link will speak for it self.



Complexity of Kanye West

Kanye West X Chris Milk collaborated for this feature in the new issue of Complex Magazine.  This just shows you how f’in creative K West is.  This whole concept is bringing us into a new concept of photography.  Simply Dope!







Tailoring comes to Soccer Jerseys by Umbro

Tailored Soccer Jerseys or jerseys in general for that matter have never been approached in a sartorialism way.  Thanks to Umbro and Airto Throup the England Soccer team will now have custom tailored jerseys and gear designed by true sartorialists.

Sartorialism- an interest in matters of or relating to the tailoring of clothing

Now the Infamous Reed Space will be hosting an event with Umbro soccer jerseys made just for them (50 pcs total). As England takes on Slovakia in the opening game of the season.



and here’s a short video on the whole project.

Boat Shoes Trend

I remember as a kid hating boat shoes.  I thougt they were just old man shoes.  You know the old dudes who wear them with socks up to there calfs, like WTF?  But, I guess with anything as you mature and get older you tend to appreciate things more.  I got a pair of Timberland boat shoes like two summers ago, just before ( i mean like a month) the whole trend exploded onto the scene.  Now they are everywhere.  Here’s two that I saw from the Japanese brand Hare.  They come in white, black, brown, purple, and navy.  I personally like these two, just because they are a little Euro’ish.



Rap Fashion

Mos Def x Undr Crwn= freshness

I could be biased on this situation; as I instantly like everything involving Mos…but this is pretty Dope!


Kanye West x his own denim line

So rumors are flying around that Mr. West is talking to Religion about his upcoming Denim brand.  In an article Details Mag…he says that he is hitting this fashion world full force!  I guess he is.  Although in my opinion his sneakers with Louis Vuitton are pretty wack.  Lets see what happens with his jeans.