RECYCLE just not the CAPS

Ok, so with global warming becoming more of a concern with everyone in the world; I bet many of you did not know this.  At least I didn’t;  YOU HAVE TO TAKE THE TOPS OF THE PLASTIC BOTTLES BEFORE YOU RECYLCE!  All this time that I been recylcing i did not know this.

Plastic Lids and Plastic Containers Don’t Mix
“Just about any plastic can be recycled,” says Signe Gilson, Waste Diversion Manager for Seattle-based CleanScapes, one of the West Coast’s leading “green” solid waste and recycling collectors, “but when two types are mixed, one contaminates the other, reducing the value of the material or requiring resources to separate them before processing.”

Recycling Plastic Lids and Caps May Pose Dangers to Workers
Also, plastic caps and lids can jam processing equipment at recycling facilities, and the plastic containers with tops still on them may not compact properly during the recycling process. They can also present a safety risk for recycling workers.

“Most plastic bottles are baled for transport, and if they don’t crack when baled the ones with tightly fastened lids can explode when the temperature increases,” Gilson says.

So recycle seperately and check with your local government for concerns.

Either way lets be GREENER!

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