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Uncle Sam shirts are in!!!!

Yes! the rumors are true! Uncle Sam shirts from Project 6 are in!

Get them while they are hot of the press!

Limited Quantity available!

Size from S-Xl available!

Visit the SHOP! to your right to make purchases!


Bianchi Road Bike

This is my Bitch!


Project 6 is comin…


Slowly but surely; Project 6 is comin soon!

Air Jordan 1…

So I haven’t bought any sneakers in a while; well comparing to all the sneaker heads that is.  To a regular person it probably hasn’t really been that long.  Either way, I’ve been on the sidelines just looking.  Mainly because I dont’ really like what has been coming out lately; and also because the economy has definitely hurt my pockets.  Then! I see this today.  The Air Jordan 1 retro in blue with RIP STOP material.  This is ill.  This is fresh.  This is soooo Dope!  I think im going to have to come off the bench for this.

I had to show it twice; because it’s so dope!

‘lil Wayne interviews w/Katie Couric

While watching this video I couldn’t help but notice how great the chemistry was between Katie and Lil Wayne.

Kanye’s alter Ego…Martin Louis the King JR

I love kanye…but seriously wtf?!?!

Sometimes I don’t know if he’s for real or not.  Either way, whether your laughing @ or W/him…he’s always entertaining.  Although I do feel like he’s trying to be like the MJ of the era.

Click here:Martin Louis the King JR!!!

Nigo Pt 2. Full Version

Thanks to Anil for showing me the full version of the video that I posted not to long ago.

Full Version on Astro Boys Blog