Monthly Archives: December 2008

Kanye West X SHOE BUSH!

Here’s two videos that have entertained me recently.

First is Kanye Wests performance on SNL.  I just love his Set design and his Pastelle tiger hoody is pretty sick.  Kinda reminds me of the black jacket Rocky wears in Rocky II.

Second video which I’m sure most of you have seen is Bush almost getting hit with a shoe by a reporter! FUNNY!


Bad Trend

Okay, So I don’t know if you noticed but my past three post have been all about starting to blog again because I haven’t in a long time.  Well this is no different.  I really want to blog on a daily basis; but I don’t because I feel like I have nothing interesting to blog about.  Well lets see if that will change.

One thing is for sure; I’m moving my fashion blog from Tumblr over here to WordPress.

Stay Tuned…