Catch Up!

Ight so i have’nt been posting as much as I wanted to lately due to school, work and laziness…;but i’m back and in full effect. Any ways here’s a quick recap of the past few weeks + some new kicks I picked up.

Well last Friday I went wit my boy to Queens to pick up some tires for his M3. The guy we got the tires from had a sick E46 himself, unfortunately I didn’t get to take a pic but it was badassss….Everything was legit and on point. On the way back home we stopped by China town to get some WOHOP! in case you don’t know WOHOP is some bangin chinese food. I would tell you where it is, but it’s crowded enough so you’ll have to find it your self.

Sunday Shnookie and I went to Woodburry commons outlet in upstate NY! Copped my mom a Coach make up bag for mothers day, and babe got her g-ma a coach purse. Also copped a polo bear shirt and a polo jacket that I got for $39.99 which usually retail for at least $125.00. It was the only style left and it didn’t have a tag on it so the manager gave it to me for $39 bucks dOpe! ooo and I had some terriyaki steak from the Jap place up there MmMMM.

Yesterday night I went into work at 9:30 pm to accompany Ken while the construction people were putting in new tiles. Unfortunately it wasn’t totally free money as I had to do some cleaning, cuz our DM was coming in the next day. But the rest of the night till ’round 1 ish Ken and I were watching ” Just for Kicks ” as Ken was getting his learn on.
My friend for the first hour
Creating mAd dust
Big Kenny watching “just for kicks”
Me kickin it

First is new Jordan XX3. real sick quality soOoo dOpe
Second DS Air B-Que
third DS Air rattle Ndestrukts (rodman sneakers)


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One response to “Catch Up!

  • i have no name

    if WoHop is sooo crowded, how come there are so many empty stools? or is it that u are sooo large that u consider that crowded?

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