Boarding MT. Creek to Ballet @ NJPAC

So yesterday I needed to get one more run in before the big trip to vermont. As I can only get up toeside I really needed to learn Heelside. Well thanks to Sop and Steph I got it. yAyzers!

6:40 am- Woke up n got ready

8:10am- @ Sop’s house

10am- On the MT. (Mt. Creek- Bunny Slopes)

12:15pm- walking over to the lodge

12:40pm-Back in the Lex headed home

2pm- showered and eating

3pm- Headed over to shnookies house

3:58pm- on the elevator to our seats

4:05pm- Romeo & Juliet begins

7pm- Curtain closes

7:40ishpm- Fornos of Spain for dinner

10ishpm- dropped shnookie and co. home

12am- Snoring.


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