Sneakers,Guitars,Michael Jackson…OH MY!!

So on my day off from class, thanks to Presidents Day, I chilled wit mah boy’s since my ss was busy getting smarter (Love You SS!). Headed down to Division East to pick up these fly ass dope Blazer Low SB’s; nicked named Un-tiffs. Love IT!
@fter DE we headed to the Office to get some grub…damn was it good. I recommend the Chicken Griller…yuM yuM yuM!
@fter the delicious lunch Larry was feinin for some GUITAR HERO! Yo we was buggin out…but i’m not gonna post those embarrassing pics; that’ll be for our own pleasure; but here’s Larry killin it.
With all the music flowing through the room, I decided to take one more shot @ gettin the new MJ album. AND I SCORED! WOOHOO!
Photobucket This is def a dope album. Well Thriller was and will always be dope, but the new remixed tracks w/ Will I Am, Fergie, Akon, and Kaney is SICK! Pick it up and learn sumtin.
I was so over joyed with my new album that I got hungry…well I was hungry from guitar hero actually. So we bounced on to Quiznos and I got the new steak sammy…not bad not bad.
OH here’s a random pic of Retarded weather Montclair.


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