Full filled Sunday…

So today was full of fun and dissapointments. Started off the day going to church like the good little boy I am ( not really ), and got the new Lex blessed by the priest.
Then headed over to Seton Hall, because my sister forgot her cell at her friends place. Bounced on home to pick up my car and headed on over to Urban Outfitters. I was fiening for a new dunny and also wanted to check out what they had…nuttin to special except for these guys.
@fter U.O. we headed to Babo out in Jersey city for some bubble tea. This is where the Sh*t falls in to place. Well remember my new Euro corners that I got for my car, well I only have one left. I was driving on highway 280 and hit a pretty steep dip and my F*cking driver side corner popped out and got ran over by a freaking Jeep Liberty. This is what remains.
Just had to suck it up and get some bubble tea. I had the Taro w/out tapioca n my sis had the cookies and cream smoothie…YummMmM
oh and here’s some pigeons chillin
Now to make my day not so well, I headed over to target to pick up the new 25th anniversary Thriller Album. ( new tracks w/ akon, william, fergie and Kanye ) To my surprise ( no offense MJ ) Two Targets, 1 Best Buy, and a K Mart were all SOLD OUT! WTF! I WANT MY THRILLER! Looks like I’m gonna have to rely online. 😦 Unless someone wants to donate 🙂

Sneaks of the day…



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