Well last night my mom wanted to go out to eat with me and my sister, and my sister wanted Japanese food. So I thought of, oh wait…my sister thought of Benihanas. Since none of us has ever been there we said ok. So i plugged the address in the GPS and off we went to Short Hills. Little did we know that you needed a reservation, esp on a Sat. night. Otherwise it was an hour and a half wait!. Yea right…so went back to the benz and looked up other Jap restaurants on the GPS (so convenient) and I saw Arirang. Which is like Benihanas ( oh by the way for those of you who dont know what either is, its a Japanese Hibachi restaurant…where they prepare the food right on the grill in front of you; all while doing little tricks with their cooking utensils). OK, so yea…We went to Arirang which is in Mountaiside…pulled up to the parking lot and knew right away that this was going to be long as well. My sis went down to ask how long the wait was and they said hour and twenty min…ummm ok something else then. I suggested on FAMOUS DAVES….some good ol’fashion american Bar-B-Que. FOr those whom never been, I highly suggest it. It was finger licking good. Mom had the shrimp platter and my sis and I had the feast for two…FEAST!  LOL we went restaurant hopping…

Sign of good food.

Feast for 2

Finger Lickin’ good.


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