Lil Snoweezy…

FINALLY…we got some real snow over here in the east coast. Decided to go outside and take a pic of my street before I started up my snow blower (hahahah to all you snow shovelers!). Seems a little creepy w/the lighting…lol
It was enough to keep me from going to my 7 o’clock class but not enough to cancel class the next day 😦

Just got the new issue of Blender magazine in today. Thanks to my SS! One of the articles def worth reading is the article on WEEZY! Did you know he was a bookish overachiever? He was enrolled in the gifted program at his elementary school. He was a good student, that is until he was introduced to guns, drugs, and sex by some very bad bad kids. Then he dropped out of school at the age of 14 and had a KID! this crazy mother f**cker. HE’s also addicted to Hawaiian Punch mixed with promethazine codeine cough syrup. He says when he’s not drinking that he goes in withdrawl…WTF LIL WAYNE! This is a really good read though, keeps you very well



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