My Sunday…

Breakfast of Champions!! Plus my morning read,Antenna Magazine; which is a preTTy dope mag for those street fashion enthusiasts and everything in general. They showcase clothes, sneakers, bags, etc, that would be dropping soon. They even showcase random stuff like limited edition Bic lighters. Not to mention, after shaves for men, wine, belts, best screws, lol…and other stuff. Just pick it up and enjoy.

Pic via Project6


Paul Budnitz the man responsible for Kid Robot is one of the people featured in the magazine. Great Article

Next dude is Mr. Hundreds himself Bobby. He’s responsible for that little animated Adam Bomb thats featured on his clothes. Another good read. Also interesting on how got into the game. Peep him out!


This Dude right here is preTTy much responsible for all the hYpe in the game. His name is Keven Ma and he’s the founder of Also very dope on how he started the his dot com page. Def a dope read.


Last night I had this Shrimp Wonton Soup from Costco, and I have to say its really not bad at all. Of course you can’t compare it to an authentically made wonton soup.


Check out this new Bape Piece. Looks like Bape is following the fashion trend and swaying away from crazy patters and going back to basics. I diGG it. Pic via hypebeast

& finally to top of the day is this disappointment by New Balance. I don’t know if its just me, but didn’t Adidas already do this whole change the logo thing like two years ago. Pic via highsnobiety.



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