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These are a pair of womens dunks w/zoom air technology. Usually Zoom air can only be found in SB’s and 6.0’s, but these just seem to be regular dunks. I think there preTTy dope. I like the black and the mutli color camo sole. The silver part is a mesh, thats different.


I personally think this is over kill. Don’t get me wrong, I like levi’s 501 and Jordan 1’s but the way they put this together is just way to much. The only thing I think is dope about this release is the packaging, really nice. + its going to be $395 for a shirt, 501 jeans, and jordan 1’s. WTF is up with that? You can get 501’s for like $40, J1’s for $100, and a shirt for $30. Like always this package is way over price. Hey Jordan Brand…how much for the box?
Pic via Highsnobiety


Now these are hot. 1st is the Nike Dunk be true New York edition. I’m really feeling the perforated leather and the GUM sole..so classic. These are going to be limited and can only be purchased at House of Hoops and Recon/Nort. 2nd is a personal favorite. A recreation of the Rebok Pump Omni Lite from 1991. WOW so dOpe. For those of you who don’t know, these were first worn by Dee Brown of the Celtics. Classic.

Pics via Kixandthecity & Highsnobiety


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