Final thoughts of 2/4/08

Before I tell you guys about what I thought about the things I’ve seen/read/heard/and so forth…

Let me show you my usual routines on the internet…

~Wall Street Journal/Yahoo mail/Wachovia/Benzworld/Club202/Hypebeast/Highsnobiety/Kixandthecity/Jeff Staples
blog/PackersShoes/DivisionEast/AutoBlog/I like toys Blog/egmcartech/and of course MY BLOG

~Shoes I wore today: Since it was snowing/raining when I left for class, it would only be appropriate that I wear my Patent Leather Bape’s…

~Bush is an idiot: he wants 3.1 TRILLION $$$’s for WHAT! the war of course and this so called stimulus package. I do feel bad for the next president, as he/she has a lot to fix. info via Wall street Journal

~Dope bags from Nano Universe…my first time hearing about them but this is preTTy dope. Pic Via hypebeast

~I’m a huge fan of Nike, but lately or more like these past couple years I feel like there over killing the game right now. Although I am liking the whole new Nike Tech series…too bad its way to much money for me to be buying right now. Pic Via Highsnobiety

~Now these are some dope jeans from Edwin&GoreTex…Pic Via Highsnobiety

~These Aren’t bad

~& consider these COPPED! Pics Via Kixandthecity

~& finally, I picked these up this past Friday. Name: Air Max 90 Carnival. I love the colors, esp the shoe laces and the sole….so dope. Pics Via Project6


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